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Photographer, Mentor
Len Cook

Welcoming studio and location assignments since 1973 in the San Francisco Bay Area, photographer Len Cook uses 20+ years of professional experience to meet client requirements.

Experience as a photojournalist, chief photographer, and director of photography with a staff of 13 photographers establishes Len's leadership credentials. Technical problem-solving wizardry allows Len to produce creative and different looks for every session. There's always a new twist.

Added to his extensive film-based experience (more than a MILLION frames of 35mm film exposed!) is 10 years of experience supporting computer applications like Adobe Photoshop. Len knows software! He has earned the Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor credential.

Len is now noted primarily for his willingness to share his experience and knowledge through private mentoring and college lecturing as well as community education classes.



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